Mission & Benefits

The Mission of Urban School Essentials 101 is to Unleash the Academic Potential in Urban Middle and High Schools.


The Urban Essentials 101 Process is a platform that places academic success within reach of every school. This success is achieved by strategically focusing on, and developing, three primary school components: the People, Programs, and Posture (3Ps). Through the development of these entities, schools are better able to promote, support, and saturate their environment with a balanced model for the advancement of student success. When using the UE101 three-pronged approach, schools are better able to produce encouraging, transformational people, infuse the necessary and appropriate programs, and implemented and model a mutually shared school posture. This 3Ps model is critical for schools, as it lays the foundation for the development of a balanced campus climate and culture. As the change is realized, the campus ultimately emerges as an environment rich with authentic staff-staff, staff-student, and student-student relationships; it is this conversion that leads to sustained academic achievement.

UE101 benefits schools in many areas, including:

  • The Development of a Climate of Safety
  • The Development of a Culture of Learning
  • Greater Teacher Satisfaction
  • Improved Teacher Retention
  • The Reduction of Suspensions and Expulsions
  • Greater Student Satisfaction
  • Improved Academic Test Scores



The Urban Essentials 101 Handbook for Understanding and Unleashing the Academic Potential in Urban Underperforming Schools is available for teachers.