Program Approach

Urban Essentials 101 can assist in improving your school site through workshops and trainings focused on maximizing relationships and resources, which facilitates the building of a thriving Climate of Safety and Culture of Learning.


By using the UE101 process, your school benefits in the following areas:

  • Improved Attendance
  • Increased Teacher Satisfaction
  • Greater Potential for Teacher Retention
  • Decreased Suspensions
  • Detentions, Tardies, and Other Behavioral Problems

UE101 places academic achievement within reach of every urban under-served school. This is accomplished by focusing on three components: the People, Programs and School Posture.

The People

The UE101 Plan is designed to improve student achievement by assisting in the development of inspirational instructional leaders. Inspirational instructional leaders are the site staff who can develop authentic relationships, properly align resources, develop supportive structures, and create and implement quality instruction.

Possibly the most influential component for success in any school is the ability for its leaders to inspire and instruct the students. Inspiration, therefore, is the number one job of any school leader. If accomplished, it could transform the entire school into a place of learning and civility. Inspirational instructional leadership, along with strategic programs and a transformational posture in urban underserved schools, makes academic success easily attainable.

The Programs

The key to success in urban schools is to understand and view schools as more than facilities of academic learning. Schools are, in fact, unique individual organisms established along a socioeconomic continuum. With this in mind, it is necessary for the implementation of a school’s programs to take the individualized nature of the school into consideration. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs clearly illustrates the variables required for a successful society. At UE101, we recognize that the Maslow Model applies to school setting as well. We also recognize that a school’s level of needs should be further subdivided into climate- and culture-related practices and instituted concurrently.

The Posture

At UE101, we recognize and believe that a school’s posture is the glue that causes the people and programs to endure. In short, the posture is the defacto mission. It is how we treat each other on a daily basis while pursuing student achievement. The UE101 posture is called FAITH: Fairness, Accountability, Integrity, Trust and Honesty. We assist you in the development of your site’s posture.

The Urban School Improvement Plan  Handbook for Changing School Climate and Culture through Relationships, Resources and Restorative Justice is available for teachers.



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