From Hiram Johnson High School (HJHS) in Sacramento, CA

Mr. Lockett~ . . . the staff has been amazing! They are so excited, smiling, on-board, and working hard. Many have commented that this is the best year since their start at HJHS. Students have been overheard saying, “they don’t play here anymore.” It has been a really amazing start . . . . We have implemented the Student Incident Worksheet for the Freshmen only, but many teachers are using it in all grade levels. It has been working so incredibly well. Teachers feel empowered and students know they ultimately have to take responsibility for their actions . . . . We would really like to take this school wide. We are seeing some great things occurring . . . .Thank you,

Teresa Cummings, Ph.D., Sacramento City Schools

From Samuel Gompers High School in San Diego, CA

Principals: I highly recommend this program. It was very effective at Gompers HS, which had 700 – 1700 students, and at no time was our suspension rate over 5%. Julius’ [UE101] material is very effective. If you have a new Dean or VP of discipline, this material should be a must!

Don Mitchell, Principal, Samuel Gompers High School

From Samuel F.B. Morse High School in San Diego, CA

“This is a letter of recommendation for Julius Lockett and his Urban Essentials 101 program (UE101). Students experienced a change in the school’s atmosphere. Every negative action has a direct consequence as a result of the Teacher- Student and Student-Student Mediation Process (TSMP) and (SSMP). Morse has become a more productive school; resulting in students showing up on time to classes and decreasing the amount of suspensions.

“The Urban Essentials 101 program is a practical resource to reduce the discipline problems at any school campus. Because of my positive and successful experience with Urban Essentials 101, I fully recommend and support the program.”